Future of Movement Longevity Webinar Series

Future of Movement Longevity Webinar Series
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This 4 part webinar series we are focusing on the concept of movement longevity and how we can apply concepts of barefoot science, collagen cross links and the neurology of aging into a program that ensures years of pain-free and efficient movement! 

Video 1 - Understanding Impact Forces in a Shod Society 

Learn the science behind impact forces and energy transfer and how shoes, surfaces and orthotics impede our ability to move efficiently. Learn tricks on how to optimize movement in the unnatural environment in which we exist!

Video 2 - The Collagen Crosslink Connection 

As the building blocks to our fascia, tendons and ligaments, collagen health is a necessary part to movement efficiency. Learn how our body forms non-elastic cross links and simple steps which can be taken to protect our collagen health as we age. 

Video 3 - Barefoot Baby Boomers & the Neurology of Aging 

Although most of us focus on protecting our cognitive function as we age, the need to also protect our peripheral nerves is crucial for movement longevity. Learn the best ways to protect your peripheral nerves through diet, vitamin supplementation and barefoot science. 

Video 4 - A Movement Longevity Lifestyle 

Put it all together in a comprehensive program that integrates barefoot activation, smart footwear, fascial fitness and vitamin supplementation.
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