BioHack Your Body: Anti-Aging Secrets for Movement Longevity

BioHack Your Body:  Anti-Aging Secrets for Movement Longevity
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Aging. An inevitable aspect of humanity that we cannot stop - however with advances in science there are now many daily rituals we can do which can dramatically slow down the aging process. 

Join Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist and (in training) Fellow in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Dr Emily Splichal as she explores how we can "hack" our way to a younger self. As a movement specialist her passion lies in the application of anti-aging science as it relates to movement longevity. 

The topics covered in this 4 part series cannot be found packaged together as below. This information is invaluable to you, your family and your clients. Do not miss out! 

  • Part 1: Collagen Crosslinks & the Fascial Fountain of Youth 
  • Part 2: The Neurology of Aging & Motor Control 
  • Part 3: Inflammation - Friend or Foe?
  • Part 4: BioHack Bonuses & The Complete Movement Longevity Program
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