Barefoot Training Specialist® Certification Level 3

Barefoot Training Specialist® Certification Level 3
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Join EBFA for our newest workshop in the BTS series. Get ready to take the concept of foot to core and movement efficiency to the spine and pelvis. With the foot as the foundation to our fascial postural alignment and function, the BTS Level 3 Certification will explore the application of foot to core sequencing together with pelvic rotation and spine mobility as it relates to human locomotion.

Created by EBFA Founder and Human Movement Specialist Dr. Emily Splichal you will learn how to apply activation drills of foot to core with mobility drills of the thoracic and lumbar spine for more rapid stabilization and efficient transfer of energy during bipedal locomotion.

Learn concepts including: 

  • Functional anatomy of spine and pelvis
  • Body spirals of the lower extremity and trunk
  • Activation sequencing foot to core for pelvic stability
  • Activation gait assessment techniques
  • + more!
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Price $250.00