Barefoot Training Specialist® Certification Level 2

Barefoot Training Specialist® Certification Level 2
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From heel strike to push-off, our foot dictates the way our body responds- and reacts- to every closed chain movement including walking, 
squatting and jumping. This two-day advanced workshop will build off of the concepts covered in BTS Level 1 including foot to core sequencing, 
foot assessment and foot function via fascial lines.  

Professionals will further explore the concept of movement efficiency as it relates to the transfer of energy and impact forces during closed chain 
movement.  Great toe mobility and first ray function together will be explored in detail as both greatly impact the way in which transverse plane 
power and energy is relased at push-off.

Learn concepts including: - Forefoot to rearfoot relationships
 - Foot to core sequencing and fascial tensioning 
 - Advanced foot assessment techniques
 - Gait assessmesnt and re-training
 - Pre-activation training and the innate loading response
 - The catapult effect and energy transfer
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