Advanced Foot & Ankle Intensive

Advanced Foot & Ankle Intensive
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Get ready for the most comprehensive foot & ankle course for movement specialists!   If you have taken other foot-based courses and looking for advanced detail around fascia, sensory, mechanics and pathology - THIS IS YOUR COURSE! 

The organized actions of the foot and ankle complex are often overlooked and misunderstood in the movement industry. This adaptive lever plays a critical role in every upright action from human locomotion to squats and lunges. 

Join Functional Podiatrist and Global Educator Dr Emily Splichal as she explores her expertise of bridging Podiatry with Fitness & Movement. 


Friday September 11th 

10am - 5pm (NYC) | 7am - 3pm (LA) 


Saturday September 12th 

7am - 2pm (NYC) | 12pm - 8pm (London) | 7pm - 2am (Singapore)

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Price $100.00